Future expansion and innovation for the bubble tea shop


Future expansion and innovation for the bubble tea shop



In 2022, market analysis of the milk tea business revealed that the global bubble milk tea market size reached a staggering $2.5 billion, showing no signs of decline. Compound Annual Growth Rate reached 7.5%, It has diversified with the addition of fruits, milk, coffee, and a variety of unique toppings like popping boba, tapioca, and coconut jelly, blending with different cultures to create distinctive variations of milk tea. This fusion has unlocked numerous possibilities and expanded markets worldwide.

What makes bubble milk tea so popular?

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  • The diverse array of flavors available in bubble tea reflects a high range of customization, ranging from traditional milk teas and fruit juices to exotic options like matcha or Thai milk tea. In recent years, there's also been a rise in less conventional choices such as alcohol-infused or coconut-based drinks, demonstrating the freedom and innovation within bubble tea. In addition to these, many shops offer traditional beverages like brown sugar water or Red date, Longan, and Goji Berry Tea, catering to a wider range of consumers who prefer more conventional options. This broadens the market appeal of bubble tea to both adventurous and traditional consumers alike.

  • On the basis of the above-mentioned, the option for customizable sugar, and ice levels further ensures that every consumer can tailor their bubble tea experience to their liking. Of course, the hallmark of bubble tea lies in its diverse range of textures and flavors, particularly with its array of toppings. These toppings, such as tapioca, pudding, grass jelly, aloe vera, and taro balls, add layers of richness and excitement, enhancing the complexity of bubble tea, ensuring that each sip of bubble tea is a delightful surprise, brimming with various textures and flavors.

  • The influence of social media, especially considering that bubble tea's primary customers are young people who are avid users of media like Instagram and TikTok. These platforms leverage visually appealing short videos and images to facilitate rapid spread, aligning perfectly with bubble tea's captivating visual allure. Its enticing colors and layers, remind of a dreamy bubble-filled concoction, along with meticulously designed packaging materials, leave a lasting impression on consumers, making it a feast for both the eyes and the palate.
    This visual and sensory appeal contributes to its viral spread on social media, as users eagerly share their bubble tea experiences. Additionally, partnerships with various entertainment entities such as movies and idols further enhance its allure, creating a mutually beneficial interaction that draws in even more diverse groups of consumers. Through this interconnected approach, bubble tea becomes not just a beverage, but a cultural phenomenon that transcends geographical boundaries and resonates deeply with young consumers across the globe.

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3 tips to make bubble tea shop expansion

Understanding the competitive advantages of bubble tea, it's crucial to leverage these strengths to expand franchise operations quickly and effectively. Based on the listed advantages, we've compiled three core business plans for expanding bubble tea shops for you:

  1. To know your core strengths and leverage them to the fullest :

    There will always be a particular product that stands out and is beloved by customers. Whether done on purpose or not, when mentioning that brand, people will associate it with a specific item. This is a hallmark of a successful brand impression. For example, COCO's fruit tea is its core product. New offerings or improvements will focus on building upon this foundation.
    Once you've made a brand impression, customers who needed will come to you. At this point, you've found your market. People may not buy all the products you offer, and that's okay. Having a core offering is sufficient. If resources or budget are limited, it's advisable to discard less popular items to save costs and focus spending on what matters most—finding your own market positioning.

  2. Stagnant Sales Despite Identifying Your Market/Core? Here's Why.

    you lack new customers. The same product offerings will always have limited appeal to the same customer base. At this point, it's crucial to frequently update your menu, and utilize natural selection to decide which items to keep. and introducing new items to your advantage to reach a broader audience. If grape juice sells well, why not introduce a grape smoothie? Of course, you can also introduce less related new products, but to make money, you must beat competitors in the same market. This brings us back to the first point : Finding your market positioning.

  3. Listening to consumer wants :

    Believing this is essential for any business. Understanding the real reasons consumers will pay money and adapting to trends of the times. For instance, if a movie is extremely popular, you can introduce co-branded products, As modern people increasingly focus on health, you can launch healthy fruit yogurt products, etc.

bubble tea business

You've successfully increased your sales, and your ambitions are even greater! If you want to further expand your bubble tea business scope, now is the time to consider franchising. However, bubble tea franchising isn't an easy task. You can pay attention to the following points :

  1. You may not want to open a copy of your current business. Perhaps you currently operate a To-go-only shop, but you can try opening a seated café in a mall or a KIOSK in a downtown area. These different business models will also attract different customers. Please be mindful of your budget. Different business models require different budgets. Carefully calculate the profits with each model, whether you need to increase or decrease the price per cup, and the payback period, to ensure everything proceeds smoothly.

  2. Even with different business models, remember to maintain consistent quality as long as it's the same brand. This is also why old customers choose you. To do this, you must standardize everything, digitize data, build SOP, and order supplies from the same source. It's crucial to manage your inventory levels effectively, especially for stores sourcing ingredients from overseas. The time spent shipping by sea can never cover your inventory needs.
    Franchisees represent another of your brand, so signing contracts is crucial to ensure a happy beneficial partnership. Specify in the agreement that materials sourcing, production methods, and other factors align with your standards. Don't let irresponsible franchises ruin the reputation you've built over the years.


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Bubble tea innovation ideas


Adapting to the changing times, bubble tea also needs innovative means to reach a broader audience. Reminding everyone that you are also at the forefront of the era.
Here are some ideas :

  1. Low Sugar/Healthy Tea Drinks :

    With the increasing focus on healthy lifestyles, many bubble tea brands have introduced low-sugar, low-calorie, or natural ingredient-infused tea drinks to attract health-conscious consumers.

  2. Coffee and Tea Fusion :

    Some innovative bubble tea brands have started combining coffee and tea, introducing products like coffee bubble tea to appeal to a wider consumer base.

  3. Unmanned Stores :

    Leveraging technological advancements, some bubble tea brands are exploring unmanned stores, offering a more efficient and convenient consumer experience through self-service ordering, payment, and preparation.

  4. eco friendly food packaging

  5. Environmentally Friendly Packaging :

    In response to growing environmental awareness, some bubble tea brands are using biodegradable packaging materials to reduce their environmental impact, attracting consumers who prioritize sustainability.

  6. Digital Experience :

    Utilizing mobile applications or online platforms to provide bubble tea services such as ordering, payment, and quick pick-up, meeting consumers' convenience needs and enhancing the brand's digital image.



No matter how the future changes, knowing your market, using the right methods to achieve your goals, and maintaining consistent quality are the keys to business success. I hope you have a prosperous journey in the bubble tea business. Thank you for your patiently reading.


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Q & A

Q: How do you choose new bubble tea store locations to ensure maximum customer attraction?

A: Select suitable store locations through bubble tea market analysis to ensure attracting more customers.


Q: What methods do you plan to use to attract potential bubble tea franchisees or investors?

A: Develop marketing plans to attract potential franchisees or investors, such as providing comprehensive franchise support and training.


Q: How do you determine the bubble tea market demand and potential audience for new products?

A: Determine the market demand and potential audience for new products through market research and consumer feedback.


Q: How do you ensure the quality and taste consistency of new products with your existing ones?

A: Conduct rigorous quality control and taste testing before launching new products to ensure consistency with our existing ones.