Name of brand: Just focus on "FOKUS"

Bubble tea has become the synonym of the culture of drinks in Taiwan. Vendors of tea drinks uses the culture of Taiwan as the foundation to promote the tea-drinking culture all over the world. The popularity of tea drinks from Taiwan continues spreading at different countries in the world, and the outstanding performance in sales is shown everywhere.

We expect ourselves to become the Coca Cola in the raw materials for bubble tea. With the different combination of classic elements to demonstrate our daily life, we hope to attract customers to choose to work with us among numerous competitive suppliers as the important assistance for the establishment of their own business.

We also hope that our customers can focus on their business and create the sincerest blessing through the drinks they make in different colors. Customers are like our partners, and Fokus will carry the spirit of feeling for others to work with our customers on the way to the success of their business.

Enterprise value

With the development in the past 10 years, we have accumulated abundant experience in the bubble tea industry, acquired market sensitivity in the industry, used raw materials flexibly for proper adjustment, and create the excellent reputation.

The warmth that Fokus aims for goes together with our gentleness and coziness to steadily hold our business partners’ hands with our gentle and firm hands in order to satisfy the demands in the diversified market together, with everything from customized raw materials, innovative formula for drinks, starting up new businesses, drinks modulation teaching, to dream menu design.

We believe that “time, persistence, and innovation” are all essential in creating a successful brand. Through precise insight, we see through the market profile and create new prospects for growth with professional competence.

The vision of Fokus is to share the resources at hand to achieve 1+1>2. We will assist our partners who want to start a new business with multiple integrated services to stand firm in the competitive market and build up the reputation successfully.

Enthusiastic entrepreneur full of dream and ambition

The founder of Fokus, Andy Che-Hsiang HSU, worked at a company providing machine and equipment for drinks before setting up his business. During that period of time, he accumulated a lot of mechanical experiences and exposure himself to the market demand. It inspired Andy the idea of vertical integration for diversified business. After obtaining the support from his boss, he was determined to leave the company and started his career of the entrepreneurship.

With the experience of difficulty in the beginning of the business and the hard work without hesitation, Andy realized it is not easy to start a business and the success of business is one in a million. It requires persistence and the utmost demonstration of wisdom. He spent endless years and efforts to turn the impossible into the possible. In order to be closer to his dream, Andy established a team to work hard together to add colors in the life stories of the world for the business partners as well as present deeper emotions and meanings through the details of the business operation.

Thanks to the support from the previous boss and the efforts made in the past so many years, the scale of the business is getting steady. Andy firmly believes it is crucial to share the profits with employees if a company wants to go far and sustain as well as start the business with love as the foundation. He is willing to be “a fool” who is not afraid to take on any difficulty and will carry on even though he might lose everything. He further decides to pass on the support from the previous boss and hopes that his employees are also able to perform the potential of value in the joyful enterprise to start up a new business in the industry to achieve the intention of profits sharing.

Brand history

  • 2011
    Fokus operates from selling bubble tea raw materials in Asian region.
    Develop e-commerce platforms and develop overseas sales markets.
  • 2013
    Start to provide one stop services for the Bubble tea industry.
    Enter the European and American markets.
  • 2016
    Become global supplier, having 10 Countries with Distributor.
    [ OEM / ODM ] Fokus offer better services and exquisite products.
  • 2020
    With the changes in consumption habits and the impact of the epidemic.
    Fokus provide small package customized services for retail.