We supply a variety of different grades of bubble tea raw materials. You can choose the most suitable products according to your needs.
All products have passed HACCP certification, SGS inspection, ISO2200, HALAL certification.

Fokus Inc. was established in 2011 and is an integrator of food material exporting in Taiwan and wholesales various kinds of boba tea raw materials such as tapioca, toppings, tea leaves, powder, etc.

Started from the tea equipment in the early stage, Fokus has always carried out the attitude of attentive and stability as the persistence on the products. In order to expand our international perspective and enhance our exposure, we move towards business diversification during the process of brand development through the vertical integration of the supply chain and the combination with OEM to establish our own logistics system in order to control the quality of the boba tea raw materials and the stability of delivery.

The good intention of Fokus is to provide reassuring and burden-free materials for drinks as well as to guide and accompany the business partners in the tea-drinking market to international markets with multiple and complete resources and professional timely services.

Wants to open a Bubble Tea Shop, but don’t know how ?We provides service from the materials, store planning, menu designing, strategy marketing and beverage promotion.

To Set Up a Store

Talk with our experienced consulting team, understand your needs and provide the most effective advice, we will assist you step by step until your dream of store opening comes true.

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Interactive 1-On-1 Online Training

We teach our customers about product knowledge and hands-on experience to help them succeed. Have basic skills and concept of beverage-making, create an Eye-catching and tasty menu.

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Purchasing Ingredients and Equipment

According to our rich experience in opening a store and understanding of the markets in various countries, we will provide the most accurate recommendations based on the most popular drinks in the market.

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Create Your Own Niche

Having exclusive best selling drinks is one way that you can stand out among others. With our professional R&D team, we can create your own niche in the market.

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Create your own merchandise and customized your own design and brand.
Increase brand competitiveness and operating profit by creating unique and exclusive products.