What abilities or skills are required to open a bubble tea shop?


Written by Shawn

Bubble tea has been a rage in recent years and can be seen almost everywhere in the world. A single cup of drink has silently changed people’s eating habits!

What abilities and skills are required to open a bubble tea shop?

Let Fokus Inc share some information with you:

1.      How important is to know ‘’to make a good cup of bubble tea’’.

  Maintain Quality:

The most basic thing about a good tea shop is that "every drink tastes the same". Products are traceability, high reproducibility, and quality maintained. You don't want to see two cups of bubble tea that taste totally differe

-Unique taste:

When products can be standardized and consistent, then how to make "products that can only be bought in your store", that’s a crucial point! Our Vietnamese customers shared that combining Vietnamese Pho in their stops in the U.S. have created new business opportunities, or combining unique local ingredients (such as Sugar Cane, Coconut, Sour Plum) to create a new taste, which is also a major innovation and make the drinks of your brand an unique taste.

-Create your own recipe and teach your staffs

We believe you already have many possible ideas popping up, good for you!

Now you can create your own recipe. Test-sell new products and evaluate market feedback are also needed at this moment. ‘How to do’’ is important to employees. You can also develop SOPs for teaching employees, maintain quality consistency, and get franchises. Enlarge your business!

2.      How to make a good cup to bubble tea.

In our training courses, we’ll teach you step by step from very basic like how to brew tea and cook tapioca, then to the classic milk tea, flavor tea, fruit tea, smoothie and some special drinks.

Real-time interactive recording with real people, videos can be reviewed at any time you like! The training cost includes all necessary materials and courier delivery cost and fully refundable in your first order.

After the training you’ll be able to finalize the menu for your shop.

Have a better understanding of product production, and familiar with inventory backups. Prepare goods in time to avoid shortages.

3.      What to prepare after training

There are some standard operating procedures as following.

They can be roughly divided into: Budget plan, Location, TA, Type of shops, Brand name, Social Media Creation, Plan to Sell, Decoration, Menu Strategy, First order shipment, Local Regulations, Local equipment and materials and Local Labor.

Fokus Inc will discuss and assist you with further conversations.

Share our experiences and customer’s feedback for your reference.

No matter what situation you encounter, we will always be here.

The above are just to assist you complete what skills and abilities are required to open a bubble tea shop. The most important thing is that you act and move forward with your plans. Heaven helps those who help themselves; Providence doesn't let down a man who does his best.

Written by Anakin

Recently, the bubble tea industry has experienced significant growth, and it is expected to reach a market value of up to $4 billion by 2030.


Let's begin with market research. Understanding your target audience is crucial to establishing a toehold in the market. Having ideas alone isn't enough; a sustainable business requires a substantial customer. It's essential to know your customers' preferences, the kind of ambiance they appreciate, the prices they can afford, and considerations related to health.

The quickest way is to seek advice from local industry veterans and conduct online research, surveys, along with studying local demographics, can provide valuable insights for you.


You might consider finding a partnership to expand financial support, also you can provide a detailed financial plan which can help you in applying for financial support from local banks to help support your initiative.

It is significant in achieving your goals, so having a comprehensive plan is crucial. Spend your money wisely!

You can purchase insurance to protect your business from potential risks or losses. This may include liability insurance, property insurance, workers' insurance, or spoilage insurance for just in case.


How to make a good cup of bubble tea? There are many steps: tea brewing、making with powder、cooking toppings……Any misstep in the process can lead to different tastes.

Establish a SOP for preparation and cleanup procedure to ensure stable quality – this is crucial. More! it can make staff easier to learn and maintain the impression in the customer's mind, you wouldn't want customers bringing their friends to try, but see the disappointment on their faces due to a different taste than expected.

Creating a layout of the facilitates makes it quick and easy preparation of beverages while providing a comfortable space for customers. Make sure everything is prepared before the work begins.

           Some suppliers offer professional training in the preparation process. LIKE US! it can save you the time of trial and error, leaving you with results based on our experience. After becoming familiar with the basic production process, we'll also assist you with special drinks to suit local conditions. And create your own signature drinks to keep your position in market.

Our training includes: How to brew tea, cook tapioca, adjustment of proportions, and skills in using flavor powders or juices for beverages. Also, get the hang of making smoothies, lattes, and other specialties. It will be refunded after you make your first order!


Menus and signage play crucial roles. Besides informing customers about prices and available items, a well-designed menu helps customers easily find what they want and sparks interest in other offerings. When coupled with promotional activities, it significantly boosts sales. Signage design focuses on grabbing attention and leaving a lasting impression on customers.

Keep it simple! Providing too many options can be a disadvantage. Focus on some core products and consider adding more options as you assess customer preferences and sales data. Too many choices can overwhelm customers, making decision-making difficult. This leads to longer wait times and ultimately decreases customer satisfaction.

Build influence on major platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, regularly share engaging content, and conduct promotions and contests to effectively attract and retain customers.

An attractive social media serves as your online shop, allowing customers to view your menu, find your location, and connect with your brand, even handle online orders. Don't forget good Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When someone in your area googles “boba tea”, you want to be the first shop they see.

Lastly, on some festivals, consider do a special promotion to draw people in. Discounted drinks or free gifts can leave a lasting impression on first-time visitors, encouraging them to return and spread the word."


You don't need a degree to open your bubble tea shop, some experience in Food ServicingManagementCustomer ServiceCreativity, and Multitasking Ability can be an advantage

To aware of current health and bubble tea trends can find the needs of your customers and marketing to better attract consumers.

Running a bubble tea shop requires not only the ability to make delicious drinks but also skills in management and marketing. Having all these is the key to long-term success.