How to make rose petals in boba story

As Valentine's Day approaches, Fokus Inc is excited to share a dash of romance and flavor with our special boba recipes, perfect for creating unforgettable moments with your customers. Elevate your offerings and spread love with our delightful concoctions!

Passionate Roselle Elixir
- Roselle red plum syrup (15cc)
- Rose syrup (25cc)
- Lemon syrup (5cc)
- Lychee popping boba (100g)
- Sparkling water (200cc)
- Dry rose petals (for decoration) Q.S.

Incorporate love into your menu with the perfect blend of Roselle red plum, Rose, and Lemon syrups. Pour the lychee popping boba into the cup, followed by the syrups, ice, and sparkling water. Seal the romance with a sprinkle of dry rose petals for a visually stunning presentation.

Indulge in Pink Lover's Paradise
- Chocolate sauce (60cc)
- Fresh strawberries (3-4)
- Strawberry Vanilla milkshake (200cc)
- Whipped cream (for decoration) Q.S.
- Chopped chocolate (for decoration) Q.S.

Kindle passion with our Pink Lover's creation. Begin by pouring a luscious chocolate sauce into the cup, forming a delightful base. Add fresh strawberries, a full cup of ice, and our irresistible Strawberry Vanilla milkshake. Top it off with a heavenly layer of whipped cream and a sprinkle of chopped chocolate for the perfect finishing touch.

Capture hearts and taste buds with Fokus Inc's premium ingredients. Make this Valentine's Day memorable for your customers.