Original Coconut Jelly

This is the common and best of best seller in the topping series and can be added in any kind of bubble tea drinks.

So when you order don't forget to add some boxes in your list!

Main specifications

  • Size
    4 kg
  • Case Qty
    4 bottles / CTN
  • Shelf Life
    18 months before open
  • Storage & Care
    Avoid excessive heat or moisture.
    Avoid constant exposure to light.
  • Package Size
    31.8cm x 31.8cm x 24.5cm

Product Introduction

Original coconut Jelly is without any colorant it is the natural color of the jelly.

with over 62 % of real coconut meat and crisp mouthfeel that most of people will like.

It is the must order item for your bubble tea shop.