We shipped another bubble tea supply to Brunei


The document and register for Brunei if you plan to import

We just shipped another container to Brunei one of our partner with our high quality product.

Except Halal certificate we will also prepare necessary document for you to import.

You will also need to register in your government then everything is done.

Only 4 days to arrive port of Muara 

From Taiwan to Brunei will take only 4 days , but there seems to be some delay so we will always mention the shipping days is around 10 days.

Menu improve by new product

We Fokus is always creating new product for our clients to improve their menu.

In Brunei, we will ship the sample via Fedex and the cost will be on us, as the register is government is the first step or when we put them in the container the samples will be destroyed and it might make the time of release the container delay.

1 or more boxes for 50 % off as a marketing

We Fokus inc , every new item must go to the market for a try, so we will offer a 50% so that you can try in your market.

We will also offer the flyer and marketing tool so that you can put on your social media or front desk to display to your customers.