Here is some suggestion that we suggest you need to prepare before open your bubble tea shop


1. Budget plan :

The money you should prepare for the equipment and tools, the first order of bubble tea supply and materials, location’s rental fee, labor fee, etc. The least budget; 10,000 US$ - 30,000 US$, it depends on your store planning.

You might refer to our document “Basic set-up” 

2. Location: 

Identify what kind of location your business will be operated. Whether its location will be, 

⚫ In downtown (e.g., by the main road), 

⚫ In sub-urban (e.g., in front of local retail stores), 

⚫ Nearby educational institutions (e.g., library, school, university),

 ⚫ Nearby recreational areas (e.g., tourist spots), 

⚫ Around industrial areas (e.g., factories), 

⚫ Nearby/inside shopping mall/hypermarket/supermarket, 

⚫ Nearby public transportation (e.g., near Train Station, Airport, Bus Station).

 In addition, you can also consider when the possible busiest time is, for instance, 

⚫ Morning rush hour (6.00 – 10.00 a.m.), 

⚫ Lunch rush hour (11.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m.), 

⚫ Evening rush hour (4.00 p.m. – 8.00 p.m.). 

3. Target Audience (TA) :

Observe what kind of most customers that might pass by around your locations daily, or people who live nearby within 1 – 5 km. Whether they are, 

⚫ Rush-hour citizens (e.g., early-birdy, or nighthawk), 

⚫ Adult, middle-aged, or old people (e.g., 30-60 years old or above), 

⚫ Elementary school, junior high school, high school, or higher education students (e.g., below 30 years old or teenagers),

⚫ Local or foreign visitors (e.g., permanent settlers or just come for traveling), 

⚫ Expats/worker type (e.g., office, industrial, or common employee), 

⚫ Ingredients or environmental-friendly oriented (e.g., halal, gluten-free, vegan, or environmentalist), 

⚫ Hot or cold preferred (e.g., in colder areas would prefer hot milk tea and the other way around). 

4. Type of Shops Identify: 

what kind of shops you want to open based on your location and your TA. It may vary from, 

⚫ Dine-in (with table and seats), 

⚫ Take-out/to-go (without table and seats), 

⚫ Drinks only (e.g., with/without coffee, with/without alcohol),

⚫ Drinks and food (e.g., waffle, cake, or pastry). 

⚫ Food trucks

5. Brand

This step will be accelerated by our support, which includes choosing, 

Name of the shop (once you decide, check the registry in the country), 

⚫ Logo design of the shop 

    ◼ Fokus Inc. will send: 3 logo examples 

    ◼ Color suggestions: black, white, blue (3 colors are recommended for price-wise) 

    ◼ Logo design fee: ± 100 – 200 US$ 

6. Social Media 

Creation You may proceed to create your social media, tease your logo, and create exposure beforehand. Our recommended platforms to create are namely; 

⚫ Compulsory: Instagram and Facebook, 

⚫ Subsidiary: Twitter, TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, 

⚫ Country preference additional: Pinterest, Reddit. 

7. Plan to Sell 

Define the way your products are heard, seen, or known by your TA. It might comprise to give special/seasonal offers/discounts by direct sales on the shops, for example; 

⚫ Valentines: bring your lovers to get 1 strawberry smoothie free, 

⚫ Birthday human: show your ID card on your birthday date, get a 25% discount, 

⚫ Student offer: show student ID, free to upgrade large cup, 

⚫ Eco-friendly: bring your reusable cup, can get 1 free toping

⚫ Etc., or indirect sales on the social media platforms, for instance; 

⚫ UberEATS promo: order 10 drinks, the delivery fee will be free 

⚫ Facebook: like, comment, share, will get 10% discount 

8. Decoration 

Decide how you want to decorate based on your TA, location, type of shops, and your brand. These might include; 

⚫ Interior (e.g., minimalist-design for ex-pats or workers), 

⚫ Exterior (e.g., aesthetic-style for teenagers to stop by to buy drinks), 

⚫ Place size (e.g., take out: ± 4 m x 6 m), 

⚫ Price: approximate how much should you spend to decorate with/without local int./ext. designer from the ground up (may vary based on countries/cities). 

9. Menu Strategy 

Fokus Inc. will provide the top 10 drinks based on regions/seasons, or our “Barista recommendations” lists for your reference. Further, a menu will be formed from; 

⚫ The final call on which one you want to put on your menu, 

⚫ Pricing (market research on local competitors and bubble tea prices in your area) 

⚫ Menu design (Fokus Inc. could help to create the digital/printed design) 

10. First Order Shipment (± 3 – 4 months) 

The suggested order for the first order is around 4 pallets. It goes through: 

⚫ Discussion: availability of the products in our warehouse and factory (via Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, LINE), 

⚫ Label printing: your label on materials and equipment, 

⚫ Confirmation: the orders, invoice, and shipment method, 

⚫ Deposit transfer: order preparation, shipping, transferring rest of payment, 

⚫ Local agent: finding an agent, customs clearance, in-land delivery, your first order arrived. 

11. Local Regulations 

In this part you need to check your local government regarding 1) opening stores, 2) taxes, 3) electricity application and bill, 4) washing/drinking water sourcing, 5) gas/stove application rules and limitation. 

12. Local Equipment and Materials 

Some equipment and materials, could or should be obtained from local supplies, namely: 1) ice cubes, 2) fresh milk, 3) pos system, 4) CCTV, 5) Cashier machine, etc. 

13. Local Labor 

Consider finding 1 – 2 labors a month before D-Day of the opening, due to: 

⚫ Need to train in making drinks, 

⚫ Discuss the shift schedule, the job description, and the salary, for example: 

    ◼ 1 person / hour: xxx US$ 

    ◼ 1 person / month: xxx US$ 

    ◼ 1 st person job-desc: boiling pearl, brewing tea, 

    ◼ 2 nd person job-desc: cashier, closing and opening store, 

    ◼ Etc

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