The-Control-of-the-inflation-around-the-world with bubble tea business


The Covid has all gone

It seems the Covid has all gone in most of countries, The F1 race took place in Silverstone Circuit UK last night July 3rd Taiwan Time.

Finally C. Sainz "Team of Ferrari "won the champion. While watching the race , no one wore the mask or cared about the Covid, people felt very safe and enjoyed all the actives.

It is totally different compared to 2020, all people were scared and stayed home instead of going outdoors.

Technology business were all booming

As people have no choice to stay home to work (WFH) just to avoid to be affected by the Covid-19 so all the laptops, Tel Conference software/hardware and other related electronics equipment along with healthy care product  suppliers are all making a huge fortune.

How hard the food and restaurant business during these 2 year(2020 to 2021)

During these 2 years from Jan. 2020 to almost the end of  2021, people are not able to or to be allowed to go out due to the law of  quarantine, so all the restaurants met their biggest issue in their life, though the delivery and take out business might support a little, the big restaurant like Chun shui Tang,  the bubble tea  shop with food and table will still hope people go to their shop.

A lot of shops were closed or shrank in order to survive.

Everything gets very expensive

For a bubble tea shop, there are a lot of stuff get more expensive as the shipping fee is almost 7 times higher compared with 2019.

No business is already a very bad situation and all of the materials raised to become very high , this became the last straw to the owners to close their shop.

We have a clients who got over 20 shops in Indonesia and another is 149 shops in Mexico they finally decided to close most of their shops just in order to survive in 2020

Solution for the world is to rise the interest in each country

US government has risen 3 yards and might rise another 3 yards this month July, according to the Fed( Federal Reserve System) and Taiwan (the original birth place of Bubble Tea) has also risen 1.5 yards to control the inflation.

and it seems now much better that all of the materials get better and the shipping fee is now 40 % off compared with last year 2021.

The tourists will start to go oversea without quarantine.

We, Fokus inc. got over 95 requests every month who plan to open their first bubble tea shop ASAP, as they believe everything will be smooth and much better this upcoming half year, 

as some countries have no need to do the quarantine after you arrive their country, this brings more willing for people or tourists to go to the restaurants or shops to buy or eat the food.

The food and restaurant business will be booming again because there will be more tourists.

Good time to expanding 

We this month "June" shipped over 54 containers to over 25 countries.

Our partners in Indonesia , they now plan to open more shops to expand their bubble tea business.

 Bubble tea Full container

And our partners  in Mexico now they expand into Spain and plan to open 50 shops in 2 years.

as they all believe the bad time is now passed.

Everything goes better and better now.

More certifications is what Fokus do now

During these 2 years, we noticed that there some countries Like UK is asking more report for food business.

So we have been studying more and doing more analysis and try to get more certifications for all of our partner.

As the delay fee is another waste for a business, we will not allow it happen.

So besides all the document we will prepare in advance, we will always try to prepare more certificates for all of our partner.

Delivery term of DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) become the best options for our new clients

As our new client might have no idea how to import , and afraid of the cost we will always offer the DDU term so that while you study how to import the bubble tea materials ,we will handle the importation for you  and so that the cost will be controlled.

Duty unpaid to door service fee(DDU))