Majestea Coffee house


From a college project to a successful bubble tea shop and distributor in Mindanao,Philippine

Start by a college project

He, Mr.Maj Guiapal, the owner of Majestea Coffee house, originally planned to open a business to be able to graduate from college, but turn out to be a very successful bubble tea shop, now has 4 shops in Davao city.

Fly to Taiwan to learn how to make a perfect bubble tea drinks

He found Fokus Inc. as a teacher to teach him how to make a bubble tea, the training course took him 1 day to study the skill.

After the course finished,we had a dinner to talk the course if there was any questions.

As, friendship is the most thing Fokus concerns and we hope all of our clients can be successful, as to invest a bubble tea will cost a lot of money. if it is the real friend, it will not hope you to lose anything.

Become distributor 

After years, he become our partners to provide goods to our clients in Mindanao, Philippine.

People who fly to our company to take the training and if our clients have only 1 shop, they will not be able to order from us.

We will pass our clients to Majestea Coffee house so that they can offer bubble tea material supply.

Franchise Majestea Coffee house Bubble tea business

If you plan to franchise or buy the material for your shop

you can contact Mr. Mr.Maj Guiapal at [email protected]

I think their warmest and friendly service will support you then.

Build from nothing

If you want to build from nothing

Take the bubble tea training course

Know how to operate a bubble tea shop well?

Get the first impression from people?

Learn the key of your customers will come back again?

Contact us [email protected] Fokus Inc bubble tea supplier

Another container was just delivered to Davao should be arrived very soon.