A couple open bubble tea kiosk from nothing to over 40 .


Start a bubble tea business

It was 3 years ago , JP Bosque and his GF Veronica came to Taiwan to learn how to make bubble tea and some strategy to do the marketing.

They came to Fokus inc to take our training course and learn how to make a perfect bubble tea drinks.

After opened his first kiosk with our marketing strategy, the business goes up very soon. 

As their TA(Target Audience ) is student, so the price they set up is only USD 1 , around 50 peso.

Because he wants the students can get the happiness while drink their bubble tea.


Start to Franchise

After 1 month , people recognize their brand and in their kiosk , it is always people get in line.

They started to offer the franchise with the reason franchise fee.

Very soon in a year, they have more than 20 kiosk and offer their franchisee the bubble tea supply.

We visited them

We flies to their country to see if there is anything we can do and share some experience about how to open a well-known bubble tea shop each other.

If there is something missed or can be done better in their shop.

We always tell our partners and clients , Friendship is the first thing to start to do a business, and if the business we stopped, the friendship can be lasting forever.


Start side business

After making money from the main career, BUBBLE TEA.

He got more business :

A study Hub for students that can study inside.

Sell the Exotic Bullies to those people who love dogs.

Next Level Fitness Iloilo- Jp and his gf like to do the work out and build the muscle.

I believe you will also see them when you go there.


Pandemic comes

Though the pandemic affected a lot , some shops close just to keep the cash flow balance.

Partner of them Fokus inc , we offered them the credit to give me the little support. And hope all of us can pass the issue.

Always remember the cash flow is the key of a business.


Franchise MLKT ILOILO Bubble tea business

If you plan to franchise or buy the Pit bull or work out for the healthy body.

you can contact Mr. JP Bosque at [email protected]

I think their warmest and friendly service will support you then.


If you want to take or know

bubble tea training course

how to operate a bubble tea shop well?

how to have the first impression to people

what is the key that your customers will come back again?

build from nothing

Contact us [email protected] Fokus Inc bubble tea supplier