HS Code for bubble tea supply when Importing!


What is the HS code Tariff?

It is a code for the importers to follow , so all the importers can know how much tax they will have to pay to the governments.

The tax rate will be different depend on the countries.

For example, the European cars , like BMW X6 and Maserati quattroporte 3.8 GTS , the importers will have to pay 200 % tax according to Taiwan government taxation,while the local brand like Lugxen will be only 600,000 to 1 million TWD, it will be double compared if the car in Oversea.

As Taiwan government wants to protect the local motor business.

BMW X6 Taiwan sell 3,870,000 TWD.

Maserati quattroporte 3.8 GTS Taiwan sale price 8,280,000 TWD

For bubble tea supply, some other countries will have free tax for certain item, as they are short of it.

but some bubble tea material or supply will be very high , and it might be a reason of protection local business,too or they do not want to be imported.

So we will suggest our partners/clients that some bubble tea material or supply just get locally.

The HS code you chose the tax you pay will be total different.

If you choose the wrong HS code you might have to pay double or more tax to government,

We take bubble tea syrup as an example, it will be only 5.1 % +merchadise processing fee 0.364% in USA.

so if your order is 10,000 usd you will have to pay around USD 550 tax only.

but if you make wrong hs code or you declare that the product will be sold directly to the end user (Business to Customer), 

The customs will charge the tax via kg  instead and dollars as well. 

You might pay double 

#see the form below

Professional customs broker v.s unprofessional or unexperienced customs broker

If you find the unpexerience broker, they might find a wrong Hs code for you, then you will have to pay more than you expect.

HS code for customs apply

Above is one of our clients, if they apply the wrong Hs code or method of use, the tax will be almost 4000 USD different.

Fokus inc always knows that the cost is very important for a company , we will be also guiding the customs broker to apply the currect HS code.

Money is not easy to make espcially , if a company is just start.

The list for the HS code of bubble tea all supply with the tax rate.

We have delivered over 40 countries around the world , those are the HS code for your reference with the tax around.

However, we notice it might change due to the country customs law, and if you need the information for your country, you can also email us or contact us at any time.

HS Code for bubble tea supply from Taiwan

Who should pay the responsiblity if the customs apply wrong?

This is always the difficult question if happen, but the shit happens sometimes , it will need to  find out the solution instead of blaming.

However,we Fokus inc bubble tea manufactor and integrator will do 100 % responsibility.

Try our best to adjust and negociate and no matter if we can make it we will pay 100% the extra fee.

So we will always hope our clients or partner can use our HS code or there might sometimes happen , can not image.

here is one of the case below.

Fokus is always responsible for everything we deliver.

it is the conversation that happens we though finally adjust successful, but we promise to deduct no matter how.

Always be responsible it one of our promise to all our clients.

Always be responsible it one of our promise to all our clients.