Is it the good time to invest bubble tea business after covid ?


The bubble tea business around the world

It seems that over 98 % countries already have overcome the issue of covid 19. All of our clients now are trying their best to expand, some of our partners in USA ,Canada and Europe are targeting to open 30 shops before the end of this year.

And some of our distributors are getting more containers for the bubble tea supply to offer their customers.

If you plan to open your first bubble tea shop, you might start to plan and open next year 2023.

Open your own brand or just franchise

To open your own bubble tea shop or just franchise other brand both will have its pros and cons.

To franchise others, the cost might be higher as they will handle everything for you , just like you build from zero.

And a famous and good imagine of the bubble tea shop should be a better choice though their franchise fee will be higher than other,they will be more responsible for your right.

From finding the location, supply bubble tea material ,marketing strategy  they will all have more experience han the new bubble tea brand.

It is also easier to be successful and make money.

The budget from a kiosk to a bubble tea shop with table.

We have one partner who start from a kiosk name MLKT , they start their bubble tea kiosk and after years now is already 40 kiosk.

Their budget is not much at start, but after years hard working they are also millionaire,too.

Now they have one more brand named Kopee  mainly sell the coffee with nice food.

And if you plan to open a bubble tea shop with food and table so that people will be able to sit and chat.

You will have to add the nice food with bubble tea.

In Taiwan , we have a slogan, Bubble tea + fried chicken is the package , as people drink the bubble tea and eat the fried chicken in 1990s are very common.

How long it will take from nothing to a shop?

Plan is always first thing to do.

From our experience,it will be around 4 to 6 months if you have no idea and experience.

To learn how to make a bubble tea from our bubble tea training course it will take only 1 day but you will need to practice more then you can produce a nice drink, it is the first thing to open a bubble tea shop(the key).

And do the research about whom you plan to sell(Your target Audience TA).

Then you will try to find the location and design with the decoration for your bubble tea shop, it will be another 1 to 2 months.

While decoration you might create your social media to tell people "Here is gonna have a nice bubble tea shop" so people will be expecting and curious about your bubble tea shop.

Then order the bubble tea material from Taiwan ,or just get from local bubble tea whole seller , it might take another 1 to 3 months depend on where you are if you get from Taiwan.

With other concerns and budget issue those might take longer than you expect.

Here is a link just for your reference when you plan to open your shop

The first container should go direct from Taiwan or just get local

Lets take USA as an example. there are many local whole seller in USA with very nice service.

If you get bubble tea material directly from Taiwan you will have to think everything with care, especially the budget.

Because you will have to get the bubble tea material with 4 months inventory and printed cup instead of 1 month in USA.

But of course , the local bubble tea whole seller or suppliers they will sell higher price, as they import everything for you.

But to go from Taiwan you might save a least 30 % or more, it is not only the cost down but you learn and do how to import yourselves.

The shipping cost is much much better

We thank all of our partners throughout 45 countries around the world.

From West to East country, all the shipping fee is down over 40 %, though all material(not only bubble tea material) increase a lot,all the cost might go down due to the shipping cost.

We will soon pay a visit to your shop

For all of our partners we are always visiting you after , so that we can visit you and share with the experience each other  while you are operating your bubble tea shop. And hope we can visit all of our clients and partners the  end of this year or next year.

If you plan to open your own bubble tea or become one of our partners in your territory , please contact us for more information.

We will be very glad to work and grow up together