Bubble tea around the world


The US stock market dropped sharply  over 3 % after Jerome Powell mentioned  the US might raise the interest extra 3 %

While you are reading this artical, hope your stock share are already sold and became cash in your pocket.

The US market dropped over 3 % on the night of Aug.27. Taiwan Time.

As Jerome Powell  (Chairman of Federal Reserve System) said US might rise another 0.75 % of the interest!

If you are doing the business by borrowing money or a lot of money from Bank , it will affact you some.

And start to worry if this is the good time to invest or start a bubble tea business.

All business got its competititors !

From Agricuture to electronis business, all businesswill have its competitors, for a bubble tea supply/wholesale business,  some companies will close their business, while other might expanding bigger and bigger.

There is always a boom and doom in each business, just to see if you have enough cash flow and think about shrinking or staying the same scale while the market is not that good.

All business domain will have its best. Like smart phone , people will think about the Apple, the electricity car will be toyota or Tesla,too.

We Fokus inc are only 12 years , we always try to improve ourselves and  study how to make business better and better.

From the 1 year to now the sales volum has been expanding over 100 times.

So improving the business and cash flow become the most important thing when you are handling your business.

MGM (Member get member) Mouth business

No matter if the government plan to rise the interest or has other plans, those points are not the one you can control,

so we will always focus on how to have more business.

We are not only supplying bubble tea supply but sometimes we will share some points about how to get more end-users.

If your quality , service and atmosphere are good, after your clients visit your shop, they will talk to their friends and score your shop on google or others.

it is called MGM or mouth business.

People come back with their friends or they will tell their friend DO NOT go to your shop , because of bad impressure.

On line or off line business

For a bubble tea supply, it is very important to have on and off line business.

People visit your shop or warehouse to get the bubble tea material or just order on line from your website or app or other to have you or the third party , like ubereat or foodpanda to deliver.

Those 2 parts are also very important for you to expand or get more clients.

Good Quality ? Natural or not Natural Expensive or Cheap

There is really no good quallity or bad quality, it is really depend on how you like.

Lemon might a a key , because when you put a lemon( sour taste) it will make the drinks more natural as it is sour.

So We Fokus inc will not tell you that good quality mean natural or other.

It is really depend on you, as you are the boss you decide everything.

We Fokus inc will be always stay behind and support you.

If you have any questions, you can contact us for more information.

As from zero to a successful shop will need a lot of effort.

Hope all of you successful!!