The effect from MXBC


The effect from the MXBC 密雪冰城


With the lowest price of bubble tea that we have never met before.

It indeed affects the market of bubble tea business as the collect of customer is very strong when people know that they have the choice with the price 6 RMB(USD0.8) to 8 Rmb(USD1.0) while other bubble tea will need around 22 RMB(USD3.0) to 30 RMB(USD4.0) and some of bubble tea shop even get the over 40 RMB(USD5.0) per cup



What are the advantage of MXBC for their franchisees?

According to a magazine.

1). They do not charge the franchise fee while other bubble tea shop will charge at least USD 10K.

2.).They do not charge the franchisee marketing fee every month.

3.).They sell the material with very nice price according to one of the franchisee they will charge them only 12 USD per box while other brand will sell their franchisee USD 30.

These 3 points are very attracting for people to franchise them.


How is the Execute the 4 business steps for them??

Everyone who do the business will know there are 4 step to make your business stronger

The first is Drainage to get more customers to know your product.

The second is Interception to get more customers to try your product.

The third is Reflow to have the customers to come back to buy again.

The final is Referral to have the customers to Tell their friends to buy it.


The first one they have been successful, but if the customers buy their bubble tea and try it, will they come back to buy again.

Though they have now over 10,000 shops and expanding to Asia area.

The shops they open are 3rd or 4th grade cities in China and as the labor cost and the rental fee is not much high , so they are able to survive. Not sure if they are in the 1st grade city. 

And now they plan to open 1st shop in HK as all fees in HK is quite high, not sure if they will still sell 6 to 8 RMB or not.


Just set up your Target market

There is one bubble tea shop in China called Heytea which sell around 40 RMB per cup.

They just focus on their target client and find their own way.

Their bubble tea is almost 5 time expensive than MXBC ,they will still have their own client.

So when you open your bubble tea , you need to set up which kind of customers you plan to sell and the price you want to sell.

Some want the cheap price other will want the quality one.

Just focus on what you want.


Another low coffee shop samples.

There is a company which sells coffee with lowest price,too and they are then IPo in US Market, but there was a report that their finances is all fake as the sell is not that good.

Finally, they were kicked out from the Nasdaq ,so as the cost is much higher than their sales, so with less profit there might be an issue. 

The different the MXBC with other bubble tea shop.

MXBC , they are almost 30 years from1997 and they build their own factory to cost down, though the bubble tea material according to our partners is not quality enough, this is different from others bubble tea shop.

And now they have more capital to open more shops in other area to expand their market.


No matter how all business will have their blue day.


As a business, you will always need to know there is always shit happen while growing.

If you believe this is just a task for you , you will be successful and pass through.

A businessman is never complaining and believe you can do it.

So we always trust things will go well.


MXBC , they are almost 30 years from1997 so they started to build from zero to a high building.

This is an amazing story we can learn from.

When you open your own business, please always try to think big.

As if you are not ambitious enough, you will not be successful.

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