Fokus inc. will always be responsible for items related to the bubble tea shop we sell to our partners


The bamboo staw issue

As all people now are considering more eco-friendly, so we at Fokus inc are looking for something to replace bubble tea plastic straws.

One of the bamboo straw factories offered us the so-called "good quality" straws, but all straws became crispy after 6 months.

To do the overseas business, the shipping might take over 1 month, when our partners get the bamboo straws, they need to use up within 5 months.

However, the factory said they have mentioned it to us before without notice on the paper, Fokus Inc. did not notice it.

So no one knows about it.

Some of our clients used only 5 boxes and the rest of them were already crispy when they open the boxes.

The issue that happened, must be compensated for and solved first

After talking to the bamboo straws factory, all they told us, like an excuse and does not want to take any responsibility.

We Fokus will be, no matter what is the factory's decision.

We will replace the new ones from other suppliers or just refund the amount to all of our partners and clients.

Complaint 1


Complaint 2

As we chose the product, and all of our partners and clients trust us without testing.

For the long-term relationship with our partners, we will be 1000% take high-responsibility.

It is also a very nice lesson we learned from this fault.

The bamboo factory has become black list in the bubble tea industry.

If you want to know the name of the factory, please email [email protected] us for information.

However, we are also lucky as the bamboo straw factory is very new to us, so we are still trying to see if their quality is ok or not.

We always believe quality with a little issue sometimes is ok, but if the mistake happened but the factory doesn't any guts to take high-responsibility will be a big issue.

Our clients said they want to refund the payment with the shipping fee. we are very sorry but will do the refund to them.

As we hope that they will continue working with us in the future. 

We are not only doing the bubble tea business but friendship with our clients

The bubble tea business is just one of the things that Fokus Inc. does. We are more concerned to grow up together and become friends.

In the other's shoes, we think no one wants to lose money when are doing business.

So when we choose the partners, it will be just like you choose.

What is the first thing to consider?

The quality guarantee? The responsibility to take if things happen? The cost? The service ? or others?

I think all of them are very important but the most important is responsibility.

If others are good but with no responsibility, it will be in vain.

So we will be always responsible for the items that we sell so our partners will have confidence in our products.

From zero to a better shop will need a lot of effort and bringing it to be successful will need a lot of support from everywhere. 

Hope all of you are successful!!

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